Sunday, January 4, 2009


when i can't sleep i seem to find myself sitting here at my computer. now, i just have to remember what i have to report on the last couple of days..
i finally got my son to purchase a web cam for his puter. my comes already installed. well, what a great thing that is. my grandkids were talking like not stupid, not doing there usual dopey stuff. they are 9 and 6. they just got a dog. so they brought the dog to the picture and i was calling him, rudy, rudy here girl. the dopey dog could not find picked up pumpkin to look at the dog..she was not impressed with this great technology. but i gotta tell u, it was a we are in 2009. thats another thing that blows me away. In my wildest dreams i never even thought of seeing a new century, let alone 2009. it seemed so long in the future. but here i am going strong in this new fangled world. If anybody out there has a webcam and you want to play with me, let me know..(i have to comb my hair, put on lipstick and not wear my creepy
tomorrow evening i have invited my 3rd floor neighbors to have a get together..we are all bringing something different to eat. just the basic stuff like egg salad, tuna salad, veggies, snacks, noodle pudding and wine, soda, etc. coffee, cake, and somebody told me she is making franks in blankets..i live in a condo with 4 floors, 9 units on a floor. nobody really told about this thing except one person and it started to back fire on me..hey, have a party on your floor. the thing is i will not and cannot have everybody in my apt. so i called this "the 3rd floor recession party". let them eat there hearts out..and nobody better crash..i will have to post pumpkin at the door to scare them away..ROFLMAO. i am sure it will be great. i hope to be able to report to you if i am not beat up...
stay tuned for the photos and the update. oh, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, do drop in.. see ya

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  1. I like Wind Beneath My Wings. I have sang it twice. Hard song to sing. lol Well I hope all of you guys have a blast. Gary use to be the Sunday School teacher of Adult III... the oldest class. We had get togethers and stuff and had a blast. lol Have a great day. Janie